China says navy carries out drills in ‘certain part of Sea of Japan’

China’s navy has carried out drills in the Sea of Japan, the Chinese military’s official newspaper said on Friday, describing the exercises as routine and done in accordance with international law and
The Chinese navy has increasingly been exercising in waters far from home as it seeks to hone its operational abilities.
Last year, five Chinese ships carried out exercises in international waters in the Bering Sea off Alaska.
The People’s Liberation Army Daily did not say exactly where the latest drills took place, describing it only as a “certain part of the Sea of Japan”.
The Sea of Japan is a strategic waterway bordered by Japan, Russia, South Korea and North Korea.
The state-run China Daily newspaper quoted a senior designer as saying that China is eyeing the use of a high level of artificial intelligence and automation for its next
generation of cruise
“We plan to adopt a ‘plug and play’ approach in the development of new cruise missiles, which will enable our military commanders to tailor-make missiles in accordance with combat conditions,” Wang Changqing of the China Aerospace and Industry Corp told the newspaper.
“Moreover, our future cruise missiles will have a very high level of artificial intelligence and automation,” Wang added.
“They will allow commanders to control them in real time manner, or to use a fire-and-forget mode, or even to add more tasks to in-flight missiles.”
China is already a global leader in the field of using artificial intelligence in missiles, Wang added, without elaborating.

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