Ration shortage in doda , locals Protest

Members of Chinab Group of Civil society today held a protest against non-availability of ration in entire Chinab valley (Doda Region). The protest was held in old bus stand Doda in which people from various villages took part. Protest call was given by the members of Chinab Group of Civil Society which was supported by various social organization including Doda welfare society, Doda Development Front, Beopar Mandal Doda, Awake Doda etc. Huge gatherings formed the protest. During protest, convener of the Chinab Group of Civil Society, Naseer Khora alleged that people of this region are facing ration severity for the last six month administration as well as govt. is not making any arrangement to solve this main issue, despite repeated reminders & protest, there is starvation like situation not in ironships but villages are worst affected.
Lowpaid Federation leader, Gh. Hassan Pampori gave ultimation to the government if the administration fails to provide immediate supply of ration then they will intensify the protest.
Others who spoke on the occasion including Mohd Iqbal Balwan, Mazdoor Leader Mohd Saleem Malik, Ghulam Rasoom, Abdul Aziz But Gundna, Abdul Rehman Mir Ludna and others.

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