China’s 3-D map for Ladakh alarming

The report of Chinese People Liberation Army (PLA) to develop 3-D maps of the strategic location of Ladakh is alarming and eye opener. Though Union Ministry of External Affairs is concerned about China’s involvement in various projects in PoK but it is silent on this sinister design on the part of China PLA.
Not only that intention of China seems to very startling owing to its repeated incursions into Indian territory and also terrorizing of locals of Ladakh residing close to Line of Actual control (LAC). Despite much hyped visit of Chinese president Xi Jiping in India in 2014 and thereafter, visit of Prime Minister of India to Beijing in 2015, there seems no change in transgressional attitude of PLA on LAC.
In addition, Chinese often claim Arunachal Pradesh as disputed territory and object as and when Indian dignitaries visit this state. The policy of China is expansion. It has territory dispute with almost all its neighbours. So handling China is like walking on a tight rope.
China has already hurt India by blocking India’s move to ban Pakistani terrorist Masood Azhar at the UN. The move led to a strain in the ties as India expressed its unhappiness over what was seen as an effort to shield Pakistan and Beijing refused to change its stand. All these developments indicate that foreign policy of NDA government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to deal China is going to be failure if it does not take proactive steps to stop china from interfering in Jammu and Kashmir.
President of India Pranab Mukherjee is also going to visit China from May 24 to 27, 2016. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also expected to travel to Hangzhou for G-20 summit in September this year while President of China will travel to Goa to attend BRICS summit in October this year. During these visits, Indian government has to take all these matters strongly with China. According to the past record, China does not hesitate in treachery.
Improvement of relation is the best thing but troops deployed on the LAC need to be remain vigilant to meet any eventuality. Taking a lesson from 1962 debacle of Indo-China war, there should be no laxity in defence preparedness along LAC side by side improving diplomatic relation with China. The process of raising strike Corps, being raised to defend Himalayan border, should be completed immediately. In addition, road and air connectivity has to be increased for better movement of troops.

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