Chrome gets safer, better, faster, stronger

Chrome is the preferred browser hands-down. One of the factors contributing to its dominance is the compression engine Zopfl — responsible for quick loading of pages and low data usage. Chrome is ditching Zopfli though, in favour of Brotli. And the reasons are justified. Brotli is a much better soldier when it comes to compression and promises 26% more compression than what Chrome is currently capable of. This means even if you’re on a slower network, the browsing will be faster and eat less into your data plan, whether you’re on a desktop or mobile. These two improvements have a ripple effect that even improves the battery life to a great extent.

This a major advancement considering that, Chrome browser has been criticised mainly for it’s battery draining flaws. But that’s not all is new in Chrome. The Chrome 48 update will also brings notifications. Like Chrome apps and sites could send notifications to your desktop, they will be able to do the same on your phones as well. Google has been tinkering with notifications from Chrome browser for a while and looks like it’ll finally be released int the wild with the recent update.


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