Cinemas no more loss making units, attracting people of all backgrounds

Bharti Jasrotia

As the world is changing in a rapid pace, now people live in a society where only persons with affluent background can survive.
There was a time when people used to see cinema weekly on a white screen which was enjoyed by the whole village together, but as the technology upgraded this screen was replaced by theatres. Theatres became the new source of entertainment for the people but these theatres were also replaced by the Multiplexes or PVRs.
Multiplexes or PVRs are the new tune on which the persons with affluent background and the youngsters as a style statement are dancing. These multiplexes or PVRs have increased the economy by collecting taxes from the people visiting to these multiplexes or PVRs.
These Multiplexes or PVRs have become a style statement for the youngsters these have reduced the wastage of time which they used to waste during booking of tickets at the counter. Online bookings have made easy to book tickets on spot.
Nowadays if someone thinks about entertainment first thing comes to their mind is “Lets go out for a movie”. So it has more a stress reliever rather than a mere entertainment.
While talking to the youngsters and the oldies about these multiplexes or PVRs, they both have different perceptions regarding these multiplexes or PVRs. On this youngster have said that, new system of theatres, with dolby digital sound and HD movies have given a new definition of the movies. Moreover online booking have reduced the wastage of time which we used to waste by standing in a queue for booking of the tickets, they stated.
They further added that these multiplexes have made our lives easy as we can buy stuffs in a same mall only rather than going out in a crowdie market, they said.
They also claimed that these multiplexes have become our style statement and sometimes due to peer pressure we spend a lot of money on movies and shopping and also recommended that these multiplexes are run by the private individuals so they arbitrarily charges prices, they stated.
While talking to the oldies they showed a different aspect that these multiplexes have reduced the value of old movies as they only show movie for two or three shows and also nowadays people prefer to go to multiplexes or PVRs as the crowd which comes to these multiplexes are quite decent, they added.
They also stated that we miss old movies as movies. Moreover, nowadays its all about pocket more one have more they can spend, they said.

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