City temples without fire fighting equipments

Jammu Tawi, April 12: In the backdrop of fire tragedy at Puttigal Devi temple at Paravur, South of Kollam in Kerala state, where 110 persons died and close to 400 injured, many of them grievously on Sunday at annual fireworks show, there is urgent need on the part of the local administration to take safety and fire precautionary measures in the temples of Jammu city particularly during festivals.

A large number of devotees daily visit these temples, particularly during Navratri or other festivals; a great rush is witnessed making beeline to offer prayer. Now question arises whether temples are equipped with necessary fire fighting equipments in the temples to deal with similar fire incidents or not. To cite an example at crowded Babe Wali temple, local administration make fire fighting arrangement during festivals but its premises is wide having large number of devotees thus having a need to establish a permanent fire brigade here.

In this regard, Bitta, Mahant of temple management, said though administration has made adequate fire fighting arrangement but in addition there is round the clock water arrangement and in case of eventually, immediate rescue operation can be launched to douse fire. Any how the people are of the view that there is requirement of fire extinguishers in the temple.

On the other hand, at other crowded Raghunath temple, administration make elaborate arrangement besides fire precautions but there is also need of permanent fire fighting brigade. In addition, other temples of the city like Ranvireshwar temple, Panjthirthi and other temples are dependent upon concerned fire station. Above all there is grave risk of fire at all public places particularly at religious places.

It is high time that concerned authorities should immediately depute their team to check whether all temples management are having fire fighting equipments at their disposal and also taking all measures to prevent fire incidents.

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