Clamor over new industrial policy superfluous

Legislators of National Conference talked in depth about how the new industrial policy was going to weaken the state and put a direct impact on employment generation. They said everything right from accusing PDP of making desperate efforts to weaken Article 370. They talked about illusion of PDP with RSS. But what they forgot is a historical fact that the erosion of Article 370 started the vary day late Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah was arrested and put behind the bars.
He remained in prison for 22 long years and then one fine day, came out and shook hands with New Delhi which was then being ruled by Congress with Indira Gandhi as the Prime Minister of the country. Sheikh was pushed through back door by over-throwing a democratically elected government. Sheikh took over and thus, restarted the process of erosion of Art. 370. He had full majority yet he did nothing to undo whatever his predecessors had done.
He too followed suit and implemented each and every word spoken by New Delhi. He had no courage to take the
system head on and get the weak links
of the constitution of Jammu and Kashmir strengthened.
It was during his tenure that serious charges of corruption were leveled for the first time against an elected government in Jammu and Kashmir. Sheikh Abdullah passed away and the job was taken up
by his son and Ex- Chief Minister
Dr Farooq Abdullah.
Even Farooq could not do anything he too followed the same line nothing of the script changed. The erosion of Article 370 speeded up and by the time Omar Abdullah took over, not much was left of Article 370. The government led by Ex- chief minister Omar Abdullah took another step and shifted banking from J&K Bank to Reserve Bank of India. This is what has happened in the past. Now, if the party has any grievances about Article 370, it should better introspect and debate over the role it played in weakening Article 370. The party legislators should focus on raising issues of public concern and stop on sermonizing on Article 370. Its own past is tainted and dented. It should also not worry about non- state subjects getting undue benefits of new industrial policy. One needs not to remind National Conference
about their non- seriousness towards addressing the issue of non-state subjects having settled permanently in Jammu and Kashmir.
It appointed a commission which presented a half balked report and named only few non- state subjects rehabilitated by National Conference in Jammu and Kashmir. It stares over the unemployment youth of Jammu and Kashmir cannot be taken on the face value. It has to prove by actions that it is not a party which does everything for staying in power. And let people not believe that twitter boy is yet to grow.

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