Clear weather allows record six straight days of Everest summits

Clear weather on Mount Everest has resulted in a record six consecutive days of mountaineers reaching the summit of the world’s tallest peak from the Nepal side.
Beginning with nine Sherpas involved in preparing the route reaching the 8,848-metre peak on May 11, a total of 88 climbers, including 36 foreigners, had reached the summit till May 16.
“This is a new record on Mount Everest as climbers have reached the summit every day for the past six days,” Gyanendra Kumar Shrestha, a Nepal tourism department official based at Everest Base Camp, told Republica daily.
Unpredictable weather usually allows only a small window– one or two days– for climbers to make their final attempts on the summit. Those who fail to reach the peak within that time have to wait for the weather
to clear.
Due to the small weather window, there is sometimes a rush among hundreds of climbers pushing for the summit at the same time, leading to congestion on the peak and possibility of accidents.
But this year, no such incident has happened so far.
A total of 289 climbers from 34 expeditions have taken permits from Nepal government to climb the peak this spring season.
While the successful ones have reached the Everest Base Camp and some are on their way down, others are already on the peak in a bid to make it to the top within the next few days.
The Everest Base Camp is stated to be “almost empty” now and most of this season’s climbs are expected to be over by May 25, before the weather turns hostile again.
This is the first time in three years that climbers have managed to reach the summit after two disastrous
Sixteen Sherpas were killed in an avalanche in 2014 followed by 19 deaths last year in another avalanche triggered by the April 25 earthquake, leading climbers to abandon their attempts.
The successful summits this season has brought cheer among Nepal’s tourism entrepreneurs who expect better business after last year’s quakes and the five-month-long border blockade with India by anti-constitution protesters.

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