Clinton says she regrets ignoring her doctor’s advice

Hillary Clinton said Monday that she regretted her decision to ignore her doctor’s recommendation that she rest for five days.

In her first comments since her diagnosis of pneumonia became public after she became dehydrated and dizzy at the Sept. 11 memorial ceremony, Clinton said in an interview on CNN that she didn’t think it was “going to be that big of a deal.”

“Obviously I should have gotten some rest sooner,” Clinton said on Anderson Cooper 360. “Yesterday I just was incredibly committed to being at the memorial as a senator on 9/11 — it was just incredible personal to me.”

Clinton was diagnosed on Friday with pneumonia, but she carried on with a full schedule that same day. She held a two-hour long meeting with national security experts, a press conference, conducted a lengthy television interview and attended a fundraiser later that night.

By Sunday, Clinton was forced to leave the 9/11 memorial event early and was seen in video reports being helped into her van by her security detail. The episode prompted Clinton’s campaign to promise that they would release additional medical records this week.

Clinton said that when she entered the air-conditioned van and drank Gatorade, she immediately felt better.

“Very quickly, I felt better,” Clinton said. “I felt fine but I’m now taking my doctor’s advice which was given to me on Friday, which I ignored.”

“I felt dizzy and I did lose my balance for a minute,” she added.

Earlier in an interview with CBS News, Bill Clinton said that Clinton has had similar incidents of dehydration and dizziness in the past.

Asked about his comments, Hillary Clinton clarified that she has only experienced an incident like the one she endured on Sunday twice before.

“I think really only twice, that I can recall,” Clinton said. “It is something that has occurred a few times over the course of my life and I’m aware of it and can usually avoid what happened.”

Asked whether her campaign’s handling of the incident might feed into voter distrust, Clinton became exasperated.

“Oh my goodness, Anderson,” she began. “Compare everything you know about me with my opponent.

“I think it’s time he met the same level of disclosure that I have for years.”

She noted that while she has released a medical record that she said meets the standards of former nominees Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, Trump has released a widely criticized letter that contains very little medical information.

“That’s just not even serious,” Clinton said of Trump’s medical letter.

She added that she is eager to return to the campaign trail.

“I just want to get this over and done with and get back on the trail as quickly as possible,” Clinton said.

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