Closure of Pampore intersection point irks commuters

Commuters travelling on Srinagar-Jammu highway have complained about massive traffic gridlocks following the closure of Galander intersection point in Pampore area on the outskirts of the Srinagar city.

The worst sufferers are office goers and students who have to wait for hours to reach their destinations. “The Galander intersection has been closed since 14th August this year after an accident took place there. We have to drive four kilometers extra to take a U-turn which is a hectic and time consuming process,” said a doctor posted at District Hospital Pulwama, wishing anonymity.

A government employee who travels to Srinagar on a daily basis said it has become a nightmare to travel on the stretch. “Though I leave two hours early in the morning from the home but I still get stuck in the jam and reach late to the office,” he said.

He said that the movement of army convoys compounds the problem. “The vehicles of the civilians are halted for hours without any reason and pave a way to them first. We are made to suffer unnecessarily,” he said.

However, Inspector General of Police (IGP) Traffic J&K T Namgyal said the intersection is a blind spot which has resulted in many accidents in recent years. “The intersection won’t be opened until the highway authorities reconstruct the particular junction,” he said