Coalition government weaker, less decisive: Bhalla

Former minister and senior PCC leader Raman Bhalla today visited flood affected areas of Bahu Fort, Bathindi, Har Ke Pauri, Azad Nagar and many other rain and flood affected areas of Gandhi Nagar Constituency and took stock of prevailing situation there. Expressing serious concern over the situation arising out of the recent incessant rains in various localities of this constituency, Bhalla said that the government must take the plight of people seriously, in view of heavy losses suffered by them in these areas as during last year also similar thing happened.
The former minister said that the Congress party is very much concerned about the prevailing situation and the safety of the people. He assured the people that he will leave no stone unturned in extending all sort of help to affected people of these areas. He emphasised that there is need for taking immediate measures for the safety of the people of these areas and demanded construction of embankments and dredging of the Nallahs passing through these localities on war footing to ensure free flow of water.
He said the government and the concerned agencies must be geared up for undertaking these measures. He also expressed concern over the loss by mid night heavy rains to household goods and other damages to the residential houses of these localities and impressed upon the Government to make an assessment of the loss and provide compensation to affected people immediately.
Speaking on the occasion Bhalla said that the timely de-silting and clearing of nallahs before the onset of current rainy season could have saved the people from the hardships they are facing now a days in various localities of Gandhi Nagar constituency and other parts of the city due to flash floods after the start of rainy season. The failure of the Govt. on this count has multiplied this situation many folds due to inaction and timely step in this regard. He said that due to this reason the nallahs and drains got blocked and rain water inter into the houses and shops causing great loss to the people.
Besides people of Jammu are already facing problem of prolong power cuts, shortage of drinking water and dilapidated condition of roads, lanes and drains. He expressed serious concern over the failure of the PDP-BJP government to secure the adequate financial support for the flood affected people in the state, last year, whereas, the subsequent rains and floods have caused further damage to the crops and infrastructure in Jammu. But the State Govt, especially the BJP and its leaders who always claim to be the champion for the cause of Jammuties stand exposed for their lies and the people would teach them a lesson for failure to keep any of their poll promises.

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