Coalition Govt enjoying power without taking responsibility: Bhalla

Former Minister and senior Congress leader Raman Bhalla today said that coalition government  has miserably failed to address the grievances of people of the state. Addressing deputation from Rani Bagh in Gandhi Nagar constituency he said that people in all the three regions are the worst hit due to failure of administration, in mitigating their sufferings.  Multiple issues concerning people in the regions are being ignored. Non availability of electricity and essential commodities has added miseries to the people.

Describing the present chaos as a result of misgovernence of elected Govt in the State, Bhalla said that people of the Jammu and Kashmir are worst hit in every respect. “Unemployment has risen considerably and administration nowhere visible on the ground in the regions,” he said. Referring to the Food Security Act, Bhalla said that this scheme was not applicable to J&K State and it should not have been implemented without being debated or passed by the State Legislature in order to safeguard the interests of the people of the State, but the administration is deliberately creating confusion among the masses on this count and doesn’t   bother about the massive protests by the people against the Food Security Act. He said that people are facing acute shortage of ration for the past few months, as the government has failed to supply the sanctioned scale of ration while sugar has not been provided for the past around four months, which has caused a great resentment amongst people.

Expressing concern over the prevailing circumstances in the State, Bhalla said Govt has miserably failed to address people’s grievances and urged upon the Governor to address the people’s concerns, in respect of development, rations, electricity etc. He claimed that Congress alone represents aspirations of the people in all the three regions and is committed for equitable development of the State. He said that coalition’s tall claims have proved hollow and they stood exposed in every field.Reacting over law and order situation in state, Bhalla said that in today’s social media-driven world, every message, word, emotion upload has a contributory effect on opinion. Attempts at dissuasion will hardly connect but everything disruptive will sync in seconds and go viral. Thus intelligence agencies, the police and army have to be sensitive to emerging situations.

Bhalla blamed both PDP and BJP for exploiting people by playing with their emotions on good governance drama being staged by them. He claimed that both the parties have lost the ground miserably. He said that Congress Party stands guarantee to the equitable development of all the three regions and the people. It will continue to serve the people to the best of its ability. He, while speaking on the occasion, said that there was complete chaos prevailing in the state due to misrule by the coalition government in the state, which disturbed the socio political scenario of the state to a great extent, he said.“Congress party is committed to resolve the issues confronting people and to fight against discrimination against people. It would continue to remain steadfast in serving the people.

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