Commercial Taxes Check Posts may get abolished…?

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GST Impact; Thousands to loose petty jobs

Sarvjeet Singh
Kathua, July 7
With the implementation of One nation One Tax (GST) including Jammu & Kashmir last midnight, fifty year old commercial tax check post is likely to get abolished with the official notification from government.
With an annual revenue generation of 1000 Crores, the Commercial Tax check post also serves as employment hub to around 30 thousand souls in and around Lakhanpur.
According to sources, the minor posts are active in Kot Poonu, Goond, Nagri, Kharkhada Mandi, Badiya Pattan, Thein, Govindsar, Basohli, Hatta Mashka, in addition to the Commercial Tax Department of Lakhanpur are about to see complete pack up after implementation of GST in the state. In addition around 250 officials will also get transferred after the abolishing of Commercial Taxes Check posts. Meanwhile there is a dilemma like situation among the transporters, agents, sub agents and associated workers earning livelihood from Lakhanpur. This will not only affect agents but also poor population including that of Vendors, Dhabas and Tea stalls owners in the periphery of Lakhanpur.
According to transport companies owners, if the commercial tax check post get abolished from Lakhanpur, there will be huge loss to each and every soul. They further added that not only from Lakhanpur and Kathua belts but hundreds of youth from Hiranagar, Basohli, Billawar and Samba also used to earn their livelihood from Lakhanpur Toll Post. They said that implementation of GST will create unemployment for thousands of youth and state govt should look after measures, so that GST may not affect the livelihood of numerous youths.

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