Communalism in India- a Great threat to Society

Shakeeb Malik
Communalism is a great hindrance to the advancement and unity of our country. It disunites the society. For this very cause constitution makers disclose that India should be a secular state–a state where everybody is free to perform one’s own religion, a state that assures religious liberty to the people of all faith. Yet in recent times we find tension between Hindus and Muslims which creates an atmosphere of mistrust, leading to the loss of life and property. They interrupt social life, alter the progress of the country and lead the democratic machinery of the country to a halt.

Communalism is one of the chief factors that hamper a nation’s integration. Such a condition weakens a nation’s unity and integrity.
Having a small religious faithfulness, lack of knowledge and self centered interests of various sections of society have caused communal riots, killing sackless people. If communalism is given such a predominance, it can break our country in bits and pieces. It is not less than a danger to national unity and integrity.

People of distinct religions should come to know to live together and keep religion away from political activities. So, communalism never aids any religion or community, but in lieu damages the country’s unity and integrity. In short we can summarise Communalism is injurious to a nation due to the following reasons:
(i) It breaks the society on the basis of religion.
(ii) It creates a threat in society.
(iii) It affects national integrity.
(iv) It leads to social unrest.
(v) It ruins life and property.

It only leads to communal violence, riots and massacre. So everyone in society is requested to rise beyond this and work towards the unity and integrity of the nation which Ultimately leads to the path of development which is the need of the hour.