Compounds in coffee, cocoa may cut heart disease risk

Scientists have identified compounds found in coffee, cocoa and wine, that may reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, a study has found.

The research by Kjeld Hermansen of Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark suggests that there is an association between the consumption of polyphenols and a reduction in cardiovascular diseases prevalence.

Coffee is one of the main sources of polyphenols in the diet. The compounds naturally occur in the beverage and contribute to its unique flavours and aromas.

In recent years there has been growing academic interest in the role of polyphenols in health through their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

The research found that polyphenols may have a range of cardio protective functions but the precise mechanisms are not yet fully understood.

It is suggested that they may alter cholesterol absorption and the processing of fats in the body, and reduce inflammation.

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