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It refers to response from Department of Justice following a submission forwarded there through Lok Sabha Committee on Petitions that a meeting of Chairpersons of Computer Committees of High Courts chaired by Supreme Court judge Mr Justice Madan B Lokur held on 2/3.08.2014 to consider replacement of legal-size paper in courts by A-4 size paper for bringing uniformity has not yet finally decided on long-pending issue of larger consumer interest.

Chairpersons of Computer Committees of High Courts should at least now finally decide on the aspect considered by them long back on 2/3.08.2014 in larger public interest. However colour-code of paper to be used in courts can be different like green is used in Madras High Court. Presently A-4 size paper (29.5 cms x 21 cms) is most commonly used size of paper-sheets. All photocopiers used in homes and offices are mostly equipped to handle this size of paper-sheets only.

But there is a distinct size of legal paper-sheets for use in courts and for file-notings (green paper) in government-offices, which is 5 cms longer at 34.5 cms x 21 cms. System will be user-friendly and people will not have to rush outside for photo-copying bigger sized legal-papers. Even normal size of files is designed to have normal A-4 size paper-sheets. At least central and state governments should direct all in public-sector to use only A-4 size paper including the green one presently used for file-notings in legal size paper.

Also central government should work out for a new standardised paper-size based on metric-units of 30 cms x 20 cms which may be almost equal to present A-4 size sheets of 29.5 cms x 21 cms. Idea to have standard usable paper-sheets in square form of 25 cms x 25 cms instead of present practice of having rectangular paper-sheets should also be considered. Such square-sheets were quite common for bank-ledgers before computerisation. Such standardisation of paper-sheets in metric measure should also be taken up with concerned global authorities.



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