Confused BJP-PDP coalition, credibility of govt touches new low

Why is BJP part of the coalition government if it believes that the administrative set-up chosen by it is nothing but Jungle Raj? And what allows a cabinet minister to belittle the office of Chief Minister by questioning the wisdom behind ordering a Crime Branch probe into the rape and murder of an 8 year old Gujjar girl Asifa? Why CBI probe when the Police and to be more precise, Crime Branch is yet to conclude the probe into the alleged rape and murder of Asifa?
The answer to all these questions is complete confusion and chaos in the rank and file of BJP after having assumed power for the first time in Jammu and Kashmir. The saffron party is into the fourth year of its maiden stint in power. And it is yet to understand that power brings with it responsibility and that they cannot abuse the system in public of which they are integral part. They cannot turn the office of Chief Minister into a laughing stock.
The two Ministers, Chander Parkash Ganga and Choudhary Lal Singh, made venomous speeches which increased the communal tension in Kathua and Samba at a time when Police is fighting cross-border terrorism. The two by seeking a CBI probe have raised serious question mark on the honesty, and integrity of the Jammu and Kashmir Police. The two have put their own government in dock by calling their own democratically elected government “Jungle Raj”. None has ever heard of mainstream Kashmiri Politicians or leaders of regional parties addressing seminars, rallies and symposiums organised by fringe groups or fundamentalist groups based in Kashmir valley. And if someone from the mainstream tries to justify a genuine grievance highlighted by Separatist leaders, he is labelled Pro-Pakistan within minutes. How can two cabinet ministers give statements aimed at increasing fears of the safety of nomadic Gujjar-Bakkarwal tribe? BJP should stop turning their own government into a circus. Both the parties, BJP and PDP should take note of the fact that their credibility all over the state is at its lowest. They have no one to blame but themselves. Their inconsistencies and public display of being polar opposite isn’t helping the cause either. BJP cannot claim sainthood now that it has been in alliance with PDP for the last four years. The agenda is gone with the wind and they should now forget that they can ever talk about revocation of Article 370 or “Ek Pradhaan, Ek-VIdhaan and Ek-Samvidhaan”. No one will take them seriously now. PDP should give a re-think to where it stands in Jammu and Kashmir. It is no more an ideal party of intellectuals and Journalists but is now slowly and steadily becoming a replica of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). Hollow from within. Some ex-Journalists have started writing for various portals and news websites. But what they write makes one laugh. You are part of the coalition and you are crying helpless. Who would save the state if such a stage ever comes? The write-ups show that you would run away lock, stock and barrel. And a word of caution for BJP. Deputy Chief Minister Dr. Nirmal Singh and his cabinet ministers should agitate before Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti during the cabinet meetings and not in public. But it seems that Dr. Singh does not enjoy confidence of his colleagues from BJP. Such is the level of indiscipline that Dr. Nirmal Singh is not taken into confidence by his colleagues while planning politically significant tour porgrammes. It seems that Dr. Singh is more a cabinet colleague for them and less a leader of the party.
A cabinet minister who spent most part of his life in Congress and has virtually no understanding of the functioning of either RSS or BJP made a public statement wherein he said “What if a girl has died? Many girls have died here.” How could a cabinet minister speak like this over the alleged rape and murder of an 8 year old girl who was drugged and murdered? None in BJP has ever dared to cross the red-line and speak like this. Though he is known for making ‘absurd statements’ but Kathua was not a place to make such a statement and that too when he is a cabinet minister. Choudhary Lal Singh needs to be reprimanded by the BJP high command and told in clear terms that you cannot annoy a community which has strongly stood by BJP. Gujjar and Bakkarwal community has voted for BJP. And not only because the community has voted for BJP but the party has promised to empower women all over the country besides having constituted anti-Romeo squads in various states. If anti-Romeo squads are okay how can the party desist from delivering justice to the family of Asifa, the 8 year old who is no more in this world.

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