Confusing statements would not help to bring peace

Since unrest and disturbances erupted in Kashmir Valley following death of Huzbul Commander Burhan Wani, whole country is worried and therefore both central and state government are making all out effort to douse the flames of fire of the Valley.
In this regard, an all party delegation led by Union Home Minister Rajnath will be visiting Valley on Sep 4, 2016.
Unfortunately, Congress leaders, who lost power in last election, are confusing the public by issuing various contradictory statements on Kashmir issue in such a situation and making the situation further complicated.
To cite an example, senior Congress leader and former JKPCC president Saifud-Din Soz on Wednesday advocated four point formula suggested by former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf as a solution to Kashmir issue while former Finance Minister P Chidambram some days back pitched for giving more autonomy to
J&K state.
In addition, several other Congress leaders often give statement as per their whim ignoring sensitive issue of Kashmir issue. It is pertinent to mention here that such types of statements are neither desirable nor appreciable. But on the other hand, anti national forces engaged to destabilize the country can get oxygen and make the situation more badly.
Everyone know that Congress Party remain in power for maximum period after independence.
When Congress party was in power at the centre and in the state where were these leaders ? Whey they failed to give such suggestion at that time to solve a long pending problems ? Who stopped them to not to resolve Kashmir issue” Then what is the use of giving suggestion to resolve Kashmir issue particularly when pot is boiling in the Valley.
In fact by losing power and now sitting in opposition, Congress leaders have become frustrated and making the situation worse by creating confusion among the general public.
Kashmir is an integral part of India and no power in the world can snatch it from us.
Congress is not playing the desirable role of constructive opposition for smooth function of a democracy.
They should know that an opposition party is also supposed to play a greater role in the larger interest of the country when any issue of prestige of country comes up.
Narrow politics would not help Congress party to regain power as the voters of today cannot befooled. They are watching each and every event and give their reasonable verdict in election.
Late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was not only a great leader of Congress party but of whole nation.
She was of the view that national interest is above all than party or personal interest. During her tenure, she took several historical decisions in the larger interest of the country and even ignored her party leadership. Due to her bold leadership, history salute her and nation remember her with honour.
At least, the present leadership of Congress Party should take inspiration from their own charismatic leader and give contribution to the present government of all national interest and play a role of constructive opposition.

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