Cong stand on NC autonomy resolution misleading: Hari Om

Dismissing the JKPCC chief GA Mir’s stand on NC autonomy resolution misleading, convener of Jammu for India (JFI) Prof Hari Om on Monday asked Jammu Congress leaders to dissociate themselves from their chief’s stand. He said the people of Jammu region want the Jammu political class to fight for their genuine socio-economic and political interests and defeat all those in Kashmir who long and work for the state’s separation from India under one pretext or the other.

Mir’s Sunday Srinagar statement that “the Congress party won’t support the resolution on autonomy submitted by NC and let here be a discussion on the NC’s demand” is as misleading as it is mischievous, said Prof Hari Om. He added the JKPCC chief, on the one hand, sought to create an impression that his party was against the NC resolution on autonomy, and, on the other, batted for discussion on a demand, which, if accepted by the assembly, will create one more serious problem for the nation in the state and offend the nationalistic urges of people of Jammu and Ladakh.

“The NC autonomy resolution must be thrown out lock, stock and barrel as it seeks to drive J&K out of political and constitutional organization of India and destroy the minorities in the state,” said Prof Hari Om, adding that the need of the time is reject outright the nasty and ill-intentioned resolution.

“Jammu and Ladakh have not given any mandate to any political party to speak for and on behalf of them. They linked their fate with India seven decades ago and their watchword is the state’s complete integration with India and a regime that ends discrimination against them and treats all the three regions at par with each other at all levels,” stated Prof Hari Om.

The JFI convener also asked the JKPCC chief to explain what he meant when he said that the “Congress party is also having several view points”.

It is a matter of grave concern that the Congress party has not learned any lesson from defeats it has been suffering across the nation since 2014 and that it continues to pursue and advocate an ideology that was rejected by the Indian electorate in the general election and in the state assembly elections across the nation, said JFI convener, adding that India will become Congress-free sooner than later in case it continued to flirt with forces inimical to India, social harmony and communal amity.

Prof Hari Om urged the people of Jammu region to see through the Congress’ game plan and also expose the BJP and its double-speak. Both the national parties are responsible for the miserable plight of Jammu and Ladakh and the religious and ethnic minorities in the state, he further said, and added that the JFI will not allow any political party to play with the sentiments of Jammu and Ladakh and muddy Indian waters in Kashmir.

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