Congress attacks BJP, Mir says “Government is working to increase unemployment”

In the last few days, the political stir in the country has intensified. Meanwhile, Congress state president Ghulam Ahmad Mir of Jammu and Kashmir has termed the abolition of self-help group as the youth and anti-employee policy of the government. Mir said that the government is working against increasing unemployment and the future of the youth. The number of unemployed educated youth is continuously increasing. Opposing this decision, Congress fully supports the unemployed engineers.

He said that “BJP has worked against the voice of common people. In 2004, the PDP-Congress coalition government started a self-help group, giving relief to unemployed engineers. With this, thousands of engineers were employed and their families were brought up”. With this Ghulam Ahmad Mir has raised the question on increasing unemployment on the government.

“Now the MNREGA employees and technocrats also find their future dark. The PDD department is facing the threat of privatization. The future of 13,000 dealers is at stake. The government’s anti-youth decisions are unfortunate. Congress State President Ghulam Ahmad Mir has raised questions while saying his words. However, there is no response from the opposition at the moment”.