Congress condemns collection of Toll Tax in Lakhanpur despite launching of GST

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Kathua, July 13

District Congress Committee President Ex-MLC Subash Gupta has accused the State government and the Centre of fooling the people of Jammu and Kashmir on GST issue.
While addressing party meeting of the activists, Subash Gupta said that on July 1, GST was launched throughout the nation except J&K.
“The State Government wakening up late launched GST in the state on July 8, after hue and cry of various business establishments,” he said adding that Jammu and Kashmir may have come under the GST regime along with the rest of the country but is still imposing toll tax on trucks carrying goods into the state.
Subash Gupta said that it is sad to say that even after the implementation of GST it has attained major resentment among the traders in total. He added that though government is not collecting any sales or commercial tax at Lakhanpur and other Toll Posts but the Toll Tax is still in trend.
Demanding elimination of Toll Tax Subash Gupta said that for the safeguard of few products being manufactured by the Industries in the state, government should put an immediate end to this tax.
Subash Gupta said that the imposition of Toll Tax on goods also sends out a message that Jammu and Kashmir is not part of ‘One nation, One tax’ regime under the Goods and Services Tax.
“The state government is imposing toll tax on goods at Lakhanpur entry point into J&K despite imposition of GST,” he said adding that this is double taxation and both business persons and consumer will suffer.
He said that this is also cheating with the industrialists and business men as Chamber of Commerce had totally supported the J&K government draft on the GST with all special powers intact only on the assumption that toll tax on goods shall be kept away from the purview of powers enjoyed under Section 5 of the J&K’s Constitution. But our hopes have been belied.
Subash Gupta said that Congress strongly condemns this policy of state government and in case of non-abolition of Toll Tax Congress party will be on roads for the welfare of business men and common consumer.

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