Congress continues to slip

Dear Editor,
Once again the result of recent five state assemblies election have proved that Congress, a party which is more than one hundred years old and itself a history, is on slippery slope. Congress has not only participated in freedom struggle of the country but produced many towering personality leaders who contributed in the freedom struggle but also in the development of the country.
The party in its history first time faced such humiliation defeat in 2014 Lok Sabha election that it was reduced to two digit figure from three digit earlier and after that continue to losing each state one after another in assembly election. In present assembly election, Congress lost Assam and Kerala while faced defeat with its allied partner at West Bengal and Tamil Nadu but can take consolation by coming to power with DMK in Puducherry, Union territory of India.
As on date, Congress is limited to six states i.e. Karnataka, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Manipur, Mizoram and Meghalaya where also party’s erosion is going on. Moreover there seems no possibility of revival of the party in near future as the party is lacking leadership of charismatic leader, who can steer out the party from the present quagmire.
During UPA I and II tenure, Congress party became unpopular after surfacing of numerous scams without taking any tangible action against the defaulters thereby giving a wrong message to the public. Congress party became a family party and at present all leaders are having no mass appeal and only loyal to Gandhi family and that is their criteria to be remain in party.
No leader can emerge with firing on the shoulder of anybody. If Congress party has to revive its fortune then it has to take bold steps by reshuffling top brass leaders. The party has also to avoid from sycophancy leaders and give to chance only to new leaders having clean image. If possible Priyanka Gandhi has to be brought in front runner politic to save drowning boat of Congress. This is also the desire of all Congress leaders at national and state level and this would also give new energy to party workers at grass root level.
Kunjwani, Jammu

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