Congress pays tribute to Freedom Fighter Rajguru on his 112th Birth Anniversary

In a meeting held at PCC Headquarters Jammu, senior Congress leaders gathered to pay tributes to freedom fighter Shivaram Hari Rajguru on his 112th Birth Anniversary. Senior Congress leaders remembered Rajguru as one of India’s bravest sons and recounted the tale of his martyrdom.

Later, a meeting of Secretaries of District Congress Committee Jammu-Urban was held under the leadership of Former Minister Yogesh Sawhney, also In Charge District President Jammu-U. The meeting was presided over by Former Minister J&K Raman Bhalla, Vice President JKPCC. In the meeting, Congress leaders discussed and raised important matters concerning the Jammu District and deliberated upon various organisational matters and party affairs.

Raman Bhalla paid his respects to Rajguru on his birth anniversary and said a few words in his name. Saying that he was among the inspiring revolutionary trio of Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru who gave their lives for their country, and for its freedom, he stated that the country will never forget their sacrifice and will learn to uphold the principles of bravery and courage. Also speaking in the meeting, he instructed the gathered members about their duties and responsibilities to manage the party affairs at the grass-root level. He stated that a proper organisational set up of the party at the very ground level will help enhance the accessibility and efficiency of the party. Many leaders openly expressed concerns over various matters pertaining to the Jammu region, Bhalla stated that the party leaders need to strengthen their grip at the ground level and dig out the solutions to the problems being faced by the locals, due to ignorant decisions by the government. Bhalla also criticized the government for ignoring the needs of the people of Jammu and not standing on its promises of growth and advancement. He said that the void created by the lack of a proper mechanism to address local issues had to be filled through timely grievance redressal.

Yogesh Sawhney also addressed the leaders and notified the newly appointed In Charges of their duties. He said that the main purpose of the meeting was to strengthen the organisational setup of the party in the Jammu District-U so that the party functions smoothly in its missions and undertakings. He directed the Secretaries and other DCC-U members to steer their actions and efforts to the ground level. Stating that the people of Jammu need tough leadership now more than ever, he encouraged the leaders to create awareness among the public about the various matters that have caused difficulties and troubles for Jammu. He commented that the people are unhappy and apprehensive of many actions of the government and BJP leaders. From unemployment to arbitrary decisions like the abolition of the SHGES scheme, and from political restrictions to the social undermining of the region, the people of Jammu continue to be manipulated, and their shortcomings are being capitalised upon. He asked the leaders to work in a manner which strengthens the party at the grass-root level in Jammu. He also declared in the meeting that the potential of the Jammu region is immense and holistic progress and development is their ultimate goal for the region, for which various leaders are being assigned different target areas where they would have to give their undivided attention while managing the issues pertaining to it.