Congress should introspect and look into its past before blaming NDA government: Prof Virender

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Jammu Tawi, April 28
State Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) spokesperson, Professor Virender Gupta while reacting to the recent statement of Congress leader, Ghulam Nabi Azad that central government do not have any road map for the solution of Kashmir problem, it plays divisive politics and its policies are detrimental to the national security and integration, said that the Congress party should introspect and look into its past before blaming NDA government at the centre.
In a press statement issued here wherein Professor Virender Gupta said, “Present situation in the valley where the secessionist and militant forces are challenging the integration of Kashmir Valley with India is the result of the policy of pampering the secessionism in the valley right from the day the Jammu and Kashmir acceded to India.”
Professor Virender said that other follies of the union government led by the Congress Party were: taking Jammu and Kashmir issue to the UNO without getting the parts of Jammu and Kashmir annexed by Pakistan by aggression, vacated; re-installing NC rule in J&K in 1975 under Indra Gandhi- Sheikh accord and the situation started worsening in J&K from that day.
Professor Virender questioned Azad about the road map that Congress adopted while sharing power with NC in J&K to bring the state in the situation of 1990. He also asked Congress Party, which repeatedly tells for holding talks with separatist elements and Pakistan, that how many times it held talks with separatists and Pakistan and why did it fail to pursue the negotiations.
He further added that for ten years Congress Party remained at the helm of the affairs both at the centre and at the State level and asked the reasons due to which it could not resolve the Jammu and Kashmir issue.
The spokesperson asserted that centre government led by Narendra Modi has well thought over plan to fight against the secessionist forces operating in the Valley and to deal with Pakistan.

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