Constructed 15 yrs back, Shaheedi Chowk fountain craving for attention

Disappointing it may sound but it is true that a fountain constructed at Shaheedi Chowk fifteen years back is still craving for official attention.
Belying the tall claims of the concerned authorities of beautifying Jammu, the lone fountain at the ever popular and VVIP area remained unattended, thus questioning the integrity of claims of face lift of Jammu.
Pertinent to mention, here that the fountain has been constructed at a pocket, which straightly leads to the residence of Chief Minister, but unfortunately authorities did not concern about it.
The fountain was constructed fifteen years ago for the beatification of the chowk but now nobody is paying attention towards it, deserting it defunct for the decade.
There is also a temple near fountain and the devotees visiting the temple feel inconvenience in the presence of heaps of garbage and pathetic condition around the temple.
Not only the fountain is defunct, but the authorities had not even bothered to clean water from the fountain pond, which has turned into murk and emanates stink, besides invites deadly and lethal disease.
Locals claimed that they have brought the matter into the notice of the concerned authorities, but they did not pay any heed.
Jammu Municipal Corporation, which claimed to have conducted cleanness drives across the Jammu city, had intentionally or unintentionally skipped this fountain area, which falls just three kilometers away from the JMC office.
“It is an important chowk, which leads to several important places, including DC office, CM residence, SAC office and SIC office, but authorities seem least concerned about cleaning this area,” said an Auto rickshaw driver-Atul, adding that the unfortunate part is that neither administration pays any heed to the area nor elected representative cares about it.
He said, “Last time when we approached representative for development of the temple and fountain, he assured that Rs 3.50 lakh had already been sanctioned for the same but till date nothing has been done.”

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