Coronavirus: Britain Announced Strict Tier-4 Lockdown

The Britain Government has announced a strict lockdown of tier-4 in London and nearby states. As per the sources, the lockdown was announced after a new strain of Coronavirus was seen in many patients.

UK President Borris Jhonson during a press conference last Saturday said “this strain of Coronavirus is 60-70% more dangerous than all the previous strains. He also said that the number of patients in hospitals is increasing rapidly”. Earlier the UK Government has given some relations for Christmas but with increasing cases the relaxations were called off.

Many European countries have restricted the export of goods to the UK. According to Sainsbury’s, a market chain in the UK ” if the European countries didn’t restore the export then in a few days our stores will be empty”. During this time of year, the UK depends upon European countries for maximum essential items including fruits and vegetables.

Till now 5 Countries including Iceland, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, and Australia have confirmed the entry of this strain of Coronavirus. The government of these countries is making all the necessary preparations to avoid serious situations. About 43 Countries including Italy, Germany, Austria, Netherland, Belgium, Turkey, Israel, Ireland, Canada, India, Poland, and Switzerland have restricted flights from the UK.

The Corona Vaccines are still under trial and many officials believe that the vaccines will not be effective against this Coronavirus strain.