Corporates can start ‘Medical Colleges’- Medical Council of India

States like ‘Odisha’s Introduced New Health Policy to Woo Private Investment’

A Study report with concern by:
Harbans s Nagokay.

Jammu, November 29
At one side, Jammu’s (supposed hi-tech) super speciality hospital lacks proper healthcare services or system; The Medical Council of India has permitted corporates and “for profit” institutions to start medical colleges in the country.Nearly two months after the Niti Aayog committee recommended privatisation of medical colleges, the general body of the council that met in New Delhi on Tuesday resolved to allow corporate companies to start medical colleges. If the Supreme Court-appointed oversight panel and the ministry of health and family welfare approve this, corporates can apply for new colleges, officials said.
On other side, Odisha’s New Health Policy to Woo Private Investment and in a bid to provide quality healthcare services and attract investment in the sector in the priority districts, the State Government has formulated a new investment promotion policy.The Odisha Healthcare Investment Promotion Policy-2016; envisages promotion of private sector investment in the healthcare sector through strategic partnerships besides policy interventions. The policy aims at ensuring improved access and affordability of secondary and tertiary healthcare services.
Like any appealing ‘Industrial Policy’ It will provide impetus for growth of private sector healthcare investments to ensure alignment with public health goals and enable making healthcare systems more effective, efficient, rational, safe and ethical.The new healthcare policy, which will remain in operation for a period of five years until substituted by another policy, will also promote establishment of healthcare institutions for best-in-class infrastructure and technology in healthcare delivery in 11 priority districts.According to senior health officials; the Government has identified few districts as priority districts and will be accorded all the incentives provided as per the Industrial Policy Resolution-2015 for healthcare sector investments and treated at par with the priority sector investments.
The policy would also provide incentives and exemptions in conjunction with any other applicable existing policy of the State and the Centre,” said the official and added that an investor may choose a particular provision from either this policy or any other policy but not both.Enterprises intending to establish healthcare facilities as part of ‘Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)’ will be encouraged for development of hospital projects. All incentives, support and assistance under the policy will be applicable for eligible hospital projects to be developed with minimum 50 beds and above. According to a resolution issued by the Health and Family Welfare Department, subsidy will be provided on capital investments made in the hospital projects. However, the subsidy will not be provided on investments made towards cost of land, working capital and operative expenses. Then, an existing hospital in the priority districts which upgrades into a multi-specialty hospital or a super specialty hospital will also be eligible to avail
incentives on additional capital investments for the expansion of the same line as available for setting up new hospitals, provided the new capacity expansion has at least 50 percent additional beds of the existing strength and the existing capacity is of at least 100 beds.
While; J&K state, which is having almost zero presence of corporate healthcare sector or else not doing much in private sector healthcare, must require to adopt any such policy. Government of J&K should come with such an attractive policy through which we can attract corporates and other investors to come for some reasonable investments here; in the larger interest of promoting this most vital life-saving segment, desired Dr. B D Sharma; a social healthcare entrepreneur and medial professional from the soil, now working in US.
At the end, another group of qualified medical professional (not willing to be unveiled) from Jammu itself; when approached on the reasons of ailing services-by JK news point reporter, alleged that all withinJ&K / Jammu; talks of AIIMS for Jammu or Kashmir, otherwise expecting everything from Government hospitals. Why-not; our Government itself come forward and draft an attractive policy for attracting the corporate sector or to bring back the doctors gone outside the state to provide world class healthcare services here in this state from where it’s citizens been forced to go outside for want of same? Questioned this young group-members.

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