Costly luxury car for Lok Sabha speaker

Dear Editor,
It refers to authorities justifying purchase of costly luxury car for Lok Sabha Speaker as necessity in view of security-requirements! All security-requirements can even be fulfilled in cars in low price segment.
Till several years ago truly Indian white Ambassador cars fitted with all security-requirements used usually only by VVIPs used to be a status-symbol.
But unfortunately with foreign-made cars dominating car-market, manufacturers of Ambassador cars had to shut down production of India’s prestige Ambassador cars which were even popular in some foreign countries contrary to Prime Minister’s ambitious ‘Make in India’ policy.
Rule should be that cars only with ex-factory price say rupees ten lakhs (actual show-room price being higher) may be purchased in government-account with exception of President, Vice President, Prime Minister and those to be used for coming foreign dignitaries.
To bridge ever-increasing gap between rich and poor in India, production of costly cars of say ex-factory price above rupees ten lakhs should be stopped. Costly cars are used by elite society just for status symbol rather than necessity. In the meanwhile, cars with ex-factory price of rupees ten lakhs may bear double than the normal excise duty on cars which should be according to ex-factory price rather than linear dimensions.
Even other taxes including like road-tax, local taxes etc should also be double on such costly cars. Car-loans may not be allowed on costly cars having ex-factory price above rupees ten lakhs. It is ridiculous that ‘elite’ class may purchase costly cars for status-symbo l on car-loans. Production and sale of diesel cars in any engine-capacity should be altogether banned.
Only petrol-cars fitted with CNG kits should be allowed to be manufactured in India. Even import of diesel cars should be banned.
It will not only better for environment, but also prevent misuse of diesel with lower price for cars when diesel is especially priced low for controlling transportation-cost.
Subhash Chandra Aggarwal
1775 Kucha Lattushah
Dariba, Chandni Chowk
DELHI 110006 (India)

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