Court awards life-imprisonment to wife and her paramour

Jammu Tawi, December 29
Principal Sessions Judge Reasi SR Gandhi today awarded life-imprisonment and fine 6000/- to Jan Bibi alias Jaami Wd/o Nazir Ahmed and Abdul Rashid paramour of Jan Bibi who killed Nazir Ahmed for the motive to satisfy the unbridled adulterous lust.
According to the police case that on 21-03-2012 at 2 p.m. an information from reliable source was received by the Police Station, Mahore to the effect that a person namely Nazir Ahmed S/o Fakru Caste Gujjar R/o Village Bathoi Danda Bass Tehsil Mahore is lying dead near the house of one Haji Khushi Mohd. S/o Fikka R/o Bathoi. He is being taken in suspicious circumstances for burial. In the investigation it was found that the deceased was suffering from Tuberculosis for the last 14-15 years. For the last 7/8 years he was unable to walk and for the last 2/3 years he was confined to bed. In this period illicit relations between the accused persons developed and with the passage of time the illicit relation got strengthened. They started visiting each other’s houses and finding opportunities used to spent nights together.
Principal Sessions Judge Reasi SR Gandhi after hearing both the sides observed that circumstances of the case do reveal that it was a cold blooded murder and the victim was bodily infirm inasmuch as he was a tuberculosis patient for a decade and confined to the bed for the last 2/3 years. The motive for the murder was that he was an obstacle for their smooth illicit relation. The murder as such was committed for ignoble cause. The case in hand is almost on the border of the rarest of rare case. However, having regard to the facts and circumstances of the case and the fact that both the convicts are in sixties the capital punishment is not awarded to them. In the considered opinion of the court, the interest of justice would be sub-served in case the convicts are sentenced to imprisonment for life. Accordingly, it is ordered that each of the convict shall undergo imprisonment for life for the commission of offence under Section 302 of the RPC and a fine of Rs.5,000/-. JNF

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