Court awards seven years RI, fine Rs 20,000 in rape case

Principal Sessions Judge Kathua Sanjay Dhar today awarded seven years rigorous imprisonment and fine Rs 20,000 to Charan Dass, who is facing trial in rape case.

Principal Sessions Judge Kathua observed that for deciding just and appropriate sentence to be awarded for an offence, the aggravating and mitigating facts and circumstances in which offence has been committed are to be  delicately balanced in a dispassionate manner.

Such act of balancing is indeed a difficult task.  No formula of fool proof nature is possible that would provide a reasonable criterion for determining a just and proper punishment in the infinite variety of circumstances that may affect the gravity of the crime.

To take a lenient view merely on the ground that accused has a family to support would be to render the justice system a suspect. The common man will lose faith in Court because in the cases like those relating to “rape” he understands and appreciates the language of deterrence than the reformative jargon. With these observations Court awarded seven years RI and fine Rs 20,000 to the accused.

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