Court denies bail to husband, in-laws in dowry death case

2nd Additional Sessions Judge Jammu Virender Singh Bhou has rejected the bail application of husband Himank Dhar, father-in-law Preduman Krishan Dhar and mother-in-law Lalita Dhar, who are allegedly involved in dowry death case of a woman Shally.

After hearing APP KA Qazi for the State, 2nd Additional Sessions Judge observed, “the court is conscious of the fact that personal liberty is sacrosanct in our constitution, but if the public interest and security of the community outweighs the individual interest, the same can be circumscribed by due process of law which in the instant case has been followed”.

“Offence under Section 306 RPC is heinous in nature and when the same is committed against the women it has serious ramifications and conscience of the public is shaken”, the court said, adding “interest of the general public and victim family has to be considered and possibility of accused persons winning over the witnesses or their jumping from the bail cannot be ruled out having regard to the nature of crime committed by them”.
With these observations, court rejected the bail application.

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