Covid-19: Sunday Market in Srinagar closed since March

The famous 3-km-long “ Sunday Market” in the heart of the summer capital, Srinagar, remained closed since March due to COVID-19 pandemic despite authorities lifting restrictions from August 17, allowing shops and business establishments to reopen and passenger traffic to ply.
However, the market from Tourist Reception Centre (TRC) to Hari Singh High Street (HSHS) , including Regal Chowk, historic Lal Chowk, the nerve centre of the city, Amira Kadal remained deserted. Security forces and police personnel remained deployed to maintain law and order. However, at Municipal park there were two vendors and one in Gantaghar area who also later left for their homes. Other markets also remained closed in the city due to Sunday.
Hundreds of vendors, selling from a simple needle to carpets, were setting up their stalls on both sides of the Residency road before the lock down. During this time of the season vendors were selling warm clothes, including warmers, sweaters, blankets and bedding besides shoes besides utensils.