COVID-19 tightens grip on Batamaloo medical zone


Batamaloo medical zone on Thursday reported the highest 411 positive cases in the summer capital.

With this, the Batamaloo medical zone crossed 30,000 cumulative figures of COVID19 positive cases, the highest among all five medical zones in the summer capital.

As per official figures, Batamaloo reported the highest number of positive cases of 411 on Thursday, followed by Zadibal zone 217, Hazatbal 90, SR Gunj 66 and Khanyar 56 respectively.

On January 24, the Batamaloo zone had also reported the highest number of positive cases of 437, followed by Zadibal zone 217, Hazratbal zone 53, Khanyar zone 133 and SR Gunj zone 123 respectively.

On January 25, Batamaloo zone again reported the highest number of positive cases of 645, followed by Zadibal zone 324, SR Gunj zone 182, Khanyar zone 156 and Hazratbal zone 142 respectively.

As of Thursday evening, the cumulative number of positive cases in Batamaloo medical block reached 30984, Zadibal medical zone 20785, Khanyar medical zone 11729, SR Gunj medical zone 11687 and Hazratbal medical zone 8751 respectively.

As per testing of patients, the aggregate positivity rate on Thursday again remained highest in Hazratbal medical zone with 39.48 per cent followed by Zadibal with 16.37, SR Gunj 10.53 per cent, Khanyar 6.34 per cent and Batamaloo 5.14 per cent respectively.

On Thursday, Srinagar reported 841 positive cases bringing the cumulative number of positive cases to 95989 and active cases to 13531, cured cases 81569. The COVID19 death-related cases in Srinagar on Thursday evening was 896.

The Hazratbal medical zone in Srinagar continues to hold the highest percentage of COVID19 positivity rate.

The positivity rate in this medical zone on Wednesday was 47.15 per cent followed by Zadibal medical zone with 23.07 per cent, Khanyar 22 per cent, Batamaloo 15.40 per cent and SR Gunj 7.14 per cent respectively.

Confirming the data, the spokesperson of the Directorate of Health Services Kashmir, Dr Mir Mushtaq said that all these figures add to the fact that people should not take the COVID virus lightly.

He added that the Batamaloo zone is the largest medical zone with the highest population, congested and largest area in terms of medical zones in Srinagar.

“That is why it usually reports more cases than other medical zones in Srinagar,” he said while replying to a query.

Appealing to people to make a collective effort to defeat the pandemic, he said “We can save ourselves only by following SoPs, wearing face masks, ideally double face masks, and maintaining good physical distance especially at public places.”