Cow receives grievous injuries, Hindu organizations and locals stages protest, police arrests one suspect in the matter

In an inhumane attempt, some miscreants chopped-off milk teats of a cow during late hours of Saturday, at village Kokhyal, Tehsil Nagri. In this act, the cow has received serious injuries and reached to the mouth of death. As soon as the matter came to the notice of people, activists of BJP, Vishav Hindu Parishad, Bajrang Dal and others staged protest at village raising slogans against the culprits.

Narrating the story the owners of cow, Jai Dev Singh said that after finishing his labour he reached home at about six and asked is wife to prepare tea. His wife asked him to bring the cow, which is in the fields. He said that he brought the cow and tied next to his house. He was shocked when his wife screamed and he ran towards her. He too felt shocked to see that the cow is not having two milk teats and is bleeding badly. He rushed to the fields and found two milk teats from there. Later, he informed the police and veterinary doctor.

“This is the job of one neighbor of him from other community who had done this as his cow had entered his fields”, he said.

He further said that police has arrested one suspect in the matter and the team of veterinary doctors had clarified that it is case of chopping.

On the other hand, outraged with the issue the protesters raising slogans of Hindutva and Gau Mata demanded of strict action against the culprits.

Activists including Karan Singh, Arpan Verma, Janak Bharti, Ajay Kumar, Sanjay Kumar and others raising slogans against the governmentand police said that in the deficiency of rigorous law to save cows in the State and the lackadaisical attitude of police, such sort of incidences are taking place. They further added that the incidence has created a shock among the Hindus and we are not going to sit idle.

“It has become the routine of miscreants to play with the sentiments of Hindu’s, now and then. Recalling cow as holy for he said that they would not tolerate such type of activities”, they miffed. The protesters raising alarm of intensifying the struggle for justice also demanded compensation for the loss, as Jai Dev was having his cow as source of income.

When inquired regarding the proceedings of the case, Police Post In-charge Sanjeev Kumar said that police has took one person in custody and it would be immature to disclose anything else as police is investigating the case.

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