Creation of UT of Panun Kashmir North and East of River Jhelum is only way for safe rehabilitation of Hindus of Kashmir: PK

Panun Kashmir (PK) today said that after whatever has happened with the Hindus living in Kashmir in the aftermath of the killing of the dreaded terrorist Burhan nobody should have any doubt that the creation of Union territory (UT) of Panun Kashmir North and East of River Jhelum is the only way for the safe and lasting rehabilitation of Hindus of Kashmir.
This was stated by
Dr Agnishekhar, Convenor Panun Kashmir and Dr AJAY Chrungoo, Chairman, Panun Kashmir during a Press Conference here today.
Both the leaders alleged that the well organised crowd attacks on the Hindus living in Kashmir in the transition camps or elsewhere, the attempts to burn, loot and plunder their properties and temples have been nothing less than genocidal attacks. The whole nation and the world at large have witnessed once again the social sanction to this unabated genocide unleashed on Hindus of Kashmir.
We want to put it on record that the rampaging communal crowds that attacked the transition camp at Haal were just a gate crash away from razing the camp to the ground and creating massacres worse than what happened in Nadimarg and Wandahama. The attack in Haal was not an isolated incident. The communal attacks on Kashmiri Hindus have happened all across the Kashmir valley. The reports of the incidents of burning Hindu houses, desecrating temples, life threatening harassment and intimidation are pouring out and a comprehensive picture of the situation will appear before us in coming days, Panun Kashmir leaders said. Governments in the state and the Centre have allowed the national narrative to be lost in J&K by choosing to cover and insulate the activities of fundamentalists on the ground and leaving regression, communalism and separatism uncontested. The governments in the state and the Centre have chosen to not only allow but protect and promote pan Islamist organizations like Jammat-i-Islami,ahle-e-Hadis, Allah Walles etc. The infrastructure which indoctrinates the people to become radical, anti-national, exclusivist and violent is being provided patronage and encouragement by the political class and the governments of the day.
We urge Government of India to realize the gravity of situation on the ground and the dangers to the integrity of the nation from a fundamentalist separatist movement. We urge the Government of India to realize the dangers to the life and existence of Hindus living in Kashmir. We appeal to government of India to evacuate Kashmiri Hindus living in Kashmir to safe places outside. The life, safety and honor of the minorities living in Kashmir is the responsibility of the government and it should show no dithering in fulfilling this responsibility.

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