Crime against women shows two fold increase in J&K

Bharti Jasrotia

In what could be termed as shocking, Crime against women has increased manifold when compared with the data of the year 2016.

The crime against women has shown fluctuating trend with decrease during the year 2014 as compared to year 2013 and slight increase during the year 2015 when compared with the previous year. According to the data available with the Newspoint Bureau, in the year 2014 the total number of cases of crime against women were 3535 which included rape, gang rape, kidnapping and abduction of women and girls, molestation and outraging, abetment of suicide of women victim, cruelty by husband or relatives of husband, dowry restraint prohibition and suppression of immoral trafficking were registered whereas a slight increase was seen in cases of crime against women and it rose to 3539.

Data further reveals that one case of each of rape, kidnapping and abduction was reopened in 2014 while only one case of kidnapping was recorded last year. It shockingly revealed that out of total 5010 pending cases of previous year (2014) and fresh registered cases of the year 2015 are 955 were those who were not admitted while 2361 were challaned and 102 were untraced.

The data also revealed that there were 351 cases of rape during 2014 while the number was 312 last year. The number of kidnapping cases was 1097 last year against 826 cases in the year 2014. It also revealed that against 1411 cases of molestation and outraging during 2014, it was 1342 during last year, eve-teasing cases were 307 in 2014 and 215 in the year 2015. Dowry death cases showed an increase as only 5 cases was registered in the ear 2014 against 6 in the year 2015.

The data further showed that the cases of abetment to suicide was 164 during 2014 and 166 during 2015 whereas,  cruelty by husband or relatives of husband has witnessed a drop by 69 cases as the number of cases registered in the year 2014 was 469 and cases registered in the year 2015 was 400.

The data more shockingly revealed that during the year 2015, 1322 cases were under investigation, 11382 previous cases are under trial, whereas 469 cases are compounded and in 129 cases convicts are convicted, 1751 cases acquitted and total cases under trial at the end of the year was 11664.

The current Chief Minister of the state and the first lady CM of the state Mehbooba Mufti should take strict measures to give a safer space to the female section of the society. The government should ensure that the trial of the cases of the crime against women should be done into fast track courts. Moreover, the measures should be taken to ensure timely processing of warrants, dockets and monitoring and following trials in the courts by prosecution.

The government leaves no chance in talking about the development of the female section of the society and above all for the first time also introduced the gender specific budget but despite of all such tall clai fails to provide security to the females and the crime against women is at peak.

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