Crime Branch gets complaint against Rudraksh overseas solutions, inquest begins

The unemployed youth today is being lured by these advertisements which assure foreign jobs and visas and eventually the hopes of going to a foreign land working there end up in a damp squib.

One such Foreign Job Visa fraud has come in light when a complaint cheating and fraud by one Rudraksh Group Overseas Solutions, SCO 15-16, Top Floor, Phase 1 Mohali, Punjab has been filed by an unemployed youth Bob Willis S/o Younis R/o Christian  Colony, Jammu. The complainant has alleged that  he is an unemployed youth belonging to  marginalized section of the society, and has suffered a catastrophe due to the cheating and fraud by the accused who are running Rudraksh Group Overseas Solutions, SCO 15-16, Top Floor, Phase 1 Mohali, Punjab and luring people of the name of sending them to foreign countries for jobs.

In the complaint it has been alleged by Bob that he was informed by his friend that an advertisement has appeared in October 2015, in a local newspaper of Jammu wherein one Rudraksh Group Overseas Solutions is providing job opportunities in foreign countries to youth and also manage work visas for such people. The complainant was unemployed therefore thought of going to some foreign country for work.

He and his friend contacted the accused company and their person on phone and they assured that they can send the complainant to foreign country and noted the mobile number and assured that they would call back within 24 hours. He further visited Mohali on 20th October 2015 as per prior appointment, and there the details etc of the complainant were noted and after waiting for some time one accused Ms Payal who  gave her business card which showed her designation as Counsellor.

The details and formalities were explained to the complainant and his friend and their forms were filled up by her. She explained the procedures for New Zealand, Canada etc. The complainant decided that he wanted to go to New Zealand and asked her to do the needful for visa and job at New Zealand.

The complainant and his friend returned to Jammu and after a week the complaint received a call on his number 9796656833 from same accused Ms Payal from her number 8437204294, who told the complainant that his application file has been approved by the company Alto at New Zealand and said that out of 50 applications only 20 have been approved and you and your friend are lucky that their files have been approved by the company for job and work visa.

The accused very cunningly, allured the complainant on phone and told him that the registration shall be done now and asked him to deposit fee for registration and fill up for and contract with the company. Rs 30,500 was extracted by the accused as registration charges by said accused Payal got the registration form and other papers filled up and disclosed that the contract with the company at New Zealand and showed green pastures like salary of complainant in that company in New Zealand, work profile in food packing. She assured that in case there is any fault or case is rejected the money shall be refunded.

The complainant and family returned to Jammu and after a couple of  days said accused Payal again called up the complainant and now demanded an amount of Rs 2,66,600 as security amount to the accused company and assured that when the complainant will go to New Zealand after three months this money will be refunded. Said payment was also extracted by the accused from the gullible complainant.

During rest of December there was no phone call from the accused or any co accused to the complainant. In January 2016 the complainant and his father contacted several times to the accused but she did not take the call and if by chance she took the call, she used to say that she is in a meeting and would call later, which she never did.

Accused Ishan Singh again called on 17.2.2016 on the phone number of the father of the complainant and spoke to complainant’s father. He said that some more documents are required by the Embassy and asked them to send these documents. Said documents were by the complainant on 20.2.2016 to accused- Mr Ishan Singh by registered post.

The complainant and his family kept calling to know the fate. Initially Ishan Singh spoke to the complainant and family and used to offer excuses and dilly-dallied the issue. Thereafter some other person used to receive the calls and tell his name as Vicky and said that Ishan Singh has gone on leave and some other person will call them up but neither Payal or Ishan or any other person has called the complainant.

Bob further alleged that the calls of the complainant was not attended and if attended by  chance, no reply was ever provided to the complainant and his family thus making the fact clear that the accused persons are a gang indulging into this white collared crime of looting, cheating and defrauding the gullible people like complainant.

Except for making lame excuses, delaying and dilly-dallying the matter the accused are doing nothing just gaining time. Complainant has made no. of frantic calls approached the accused no. of times but all in vain. The complainant cross checked from various quarters and came to know that the accused company is being run by these accused persons and are cheating and defrauding the innocent people and swallowing their hard earned money adopting the same modus operandi.

Faced with this fraud the complainant approached the Crime Branch Jammu to lodge an FIR under relevant sections of law like 420, 120 B RPC against the accused company whose MD and Directors’ and other accused named above who are running this gang and looting people by floating advertisements in various newspapers and committing interstate frauds.


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