Criminality against fairer sex

Dear Editor,


The relevance and significance of the slogan is undesirable, particularly when the population graph of girl child is reducing day by day. Discrimination against female child has necessitated ban on sex-determination. Considered better half of man, they have always been enjoying the position of dignity and honor since the time immemorial.

But moral turpitude, the society started experiencing, has put them into awkward situations. Consequently, crime graph against them has also increased. Thanks to our Prime Minister for launching many schemes whereby their economic and social conditions can be improved. Lowering of adulthood age to 16 is a long stride to minimize the tendency of criminality against the fair sex.

A lot more is required to be done in this direction. Safety and security are must to ensure them every opportunity to develop. In political sphere too, they deserve equal participation. The is need of  the hour is to implement laws pertaining to violence against women strictly unless that is done nothing good is going to happen to them.


Keshwa Nand Sharma

Salehri (Sunder Bani)

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