Cultural Heritage Organized By Tripal “A” Performing Arts Reasi

A Cultural show was organized by Triple “A” Performing Arts Reasi at Nov Devian, Dara Baba, Sulla Park Tourist Spot of district Reasi in Jammu region mesmerizing ‘ Show Case the Cultural Heritage’ the event was financially supported by Ministry of Culture Government of India
Speaking on the occasion, Krishan Singh Sarpanch said that this scintillating programme has created a history for being the first ever cultural event which organized , received overwhelming response and catered to an audience of over hundred spectators including pilgrims visiting Mata Vaishno Devi Katra, Nov Devian, Dara Baba Banda Bhadur, Sulla Park, ‘ this Cultural Heritage Show’ was a unique variety of different cultural flowers showcased the varied of dance traditions of the J&K State like kud, Jagrana Gojjari folk forms. Pilgrims and locals had the lifetime occasion to witness this cultural bonanza which they term as one of the most memorable thing which they have witnessed during their Yatra. Majority of the pilgrims could be seen these traditional form of culture,
The Kud dance form varies from region to region and also known as Kud is an energetic local dancer, wears a turban, tight pajama and long or calf length shirt tight till the waist and loose below it with a cummerbund at the waist. The white dress with popular cap and red Kamarbanda is costume of the dancers. A ritual dance is performed in honour of Lok Devatas or Local deities. This dance styles performed mostly during the nights. Number of participants ranges from 15 to 20 members. Anam Khan event director said that This unique cultural show was focused on Jammu’s traditional folk dances, besides showcasing Dogri, Gojari, Pahari cultures. for the first-time professional approach has gone into creating this unique bouquet of varied cultural flowers. She added that each dance presentation, despite being different from the other in rhythm and pace was artistically blended with each other so as to present their wonderful harmony and co-relation.

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