CWG 2018: If I had lost, people would say I should retire, says Saina Nehwal

Indian ace shuttler Saina Nehwal, who won gold by beating PV Sindhu in an all-India Commonwealth Games 2018 women’s singles final, took the opportunity to take a dig at those who criticise her after she loses a match. She said that there was a lot of pressure on her during the final as people start saying she should retire in case of a bad result.

Taking a dig at her critics, Saina said, “There are 100 things that go in India. I wouldn’t say it happens in China but in India if I lose, people start with ‘Oh Saina lost, Saina is becoming old, Saina should retire’. I think there would be 100 things written about me but for her (PV Sindhu) it is still ok because she is still coming up.”

Saina also spoke about her long fight over getting her father access to the Games village. Saina was blamed for threatning the Indian officials with pullout-threat. “I don’t mind fighting for my dad anywhere. People have written that I put my dad first but it’s not the case otherwise I wouldn’t have won medals for my country,” an emotional Saina said after the medal ceremony.

“Why tell me that everything is done when it’s not done? Had I known I would have booked a hotel for him. He was given personal coach accreditation and after a long journey, I was handling this situation.”

Saina also said that the incident left her so worried that she could not sleep even for an hour. “For two days, I was worried and didn’t even sleep. I can’t sit there for three-four hours and be patient, I am not a government official. I am a player, I have matches. Sindhu was not playing team event, I had to perform there. Sometimes things take time but I think had I not been this aggressive it wouldn’t have happened,” the London bronze-medallist said.

“He was sitting outside the village for two days. He couldn’t even come in to the dining hall. What was the point of his coming here. It was a stressful situation but you have to fight it out. I needed rest. Roger Federer says he sleeps for 10-12 hours, I was not even sleeping for half an hour because my father was sitting outside. How could I sleep?” she asked. “The problem was I fought, people didn’t like I fought. Why wouldn’t I fight for my parents?”

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