Dal Lake deserves an official requiem now


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Srinagar, December 13


S-Kashmir is blessed with scores of water bodies and lakes, has also the distinction of being beatified with high altitude lakes atop several thousand feet above the sea level. Be it Hokarsar, Gadasar, Anchar, Khushhal sar, Wular, Manasbal, Nageen or Dal Lake, all these water bodies are gradually shrinking in their areas or losing the sheen as tourist spots due to illegal encroachments and systematic contamination.

High altitude lakes include Gaangabal, Vishensar, Krishansar, Kounsar Nag, Tulin Lake and Aali Patheri etc adorn the natural beauty of the surrounding places of these lakes.

Dal Lake, a preferred tourist place for staying in the exquisite houseboats while in Srinagar, the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir, is most popular lake across the globe called a pearl of Kashmir’s tourism sector.

Over the years, the lake has shrunk by nearly 25 percent in the past over 150 years. The quality of water is contaminated and the Biological Oxygen Depletion (BDO) is dwindling with each passing day. About 35 percent of water body is reported to be critically polluted. Natural spring fountains have got blocked due to accumulation of nutrients on the lakes surface.

Government of India (GoI) has pumped in billions of rupees for the preservation of the lake but all centrally sponsored conservation schemes, including depopulating the lake and rehabilitation of the lake inhabitants, had failed so far.

People say that with the money that has been sanctioned from time to time by GoI on its revival could have enabled them to create an artificial lake in the Valley. They (people) want that every penny that has been spent on its resuscitation must be audited and the responsibility fixed on those who had erred in discharging their job honestly. .

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