Dalit issue to impact state polls

The prevailing row over the beating of dalit youth in Gujarat’s Una has already gripped the entire country, wherein members of the community are on continuous protest, but the interesting thing to see is the impact of this row on the state polls.
Tension gripped parts of Saurashtra after a viral video showed four youth from Dalit communities being lined up and beaten from behind. The violence had allegedly been retribution against the youth, who had been accused of killing a cow and skinning it. The four young men had claimed that they had only skinned a cow that had died of natural causes.
Two people were killed in the protests that hit the region – one police constable who died of injuries sustained during stone pelting by the protesters and one man who allegedly committed suicide over the issue.
Opposition parties in Parliament raised the assault on Dalit youth and the tension that has gripped parts of the state over the past two days. The move comes after Dalit organisations in Gujarat called for the protests to spread beyond the Saurashtra region.
The Congress gave notice over the issue in the Lok Sabha, the AAP moved for adjournment to discuss the matter.
Opposition parties also raised slogans and protested in the Rajya Sabha, forcing an adjournment. Congress, BSP, TMC and JDU were among the parties that protested in the Upper House.
Even AAP convener Arvind Kejriwal had suggested that Udit ji and all Dalit MPs of BJP should resign in protest against countrywide assault on Dalits.
The BJP MP’s statement came on a day when Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal asked the North West Delhi MP and other Dalit MPs to resign from the party in protest against the “assault on the community across the country”.
The Dalit MP had said that he would raise the issue aggressively in Parliament and it was up to the House to decide if the value of Dalits was worse than animals.
“Any social or political incident has a bearing and will have bearing (on the election)…. I will urge the Prime Minister, the party (BJP), all the CMs to take up the matter strongly.”

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