Dangal in Samajwadi Party

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It can’t be said with full conviction whether the feud in the Samajwadi Party, which has been going on for the past four months, is real or has been scripted for getting political mileage. But this was evident that Akhilesh Yadav had been pushed to the top of the party in recent times. If the party had split four months ago, then Akhilesh and Shivpal Singh Yadav would have been on an equal footing. At that time, around 100 MLAs were with Shivpal, but now he has the support of only three or four MLAs.
On September 13, 2016, Mulayam Singh Yadav had removed Akhilesh from the post of State party chief, and Shivpal was handed over the charge. This is interesting that it was Ram Gopal Yadav who had issued a letter to appoint Shivpal as the State party president. All controversies started with that letter. After that, Akhilesh took some portfolios back from Shivpal and ousted some of the ministers from his council. At that time, Shivpal had got support from a large number of MLAs and party workers.
In November, when the Samajwadi Party was celebrating its silver jubilee, Shivpal was in a comfortable position; when Akhilesh was speaking, he had snatched the mike from him and called him a liar. Sources say Mulayam knew that if he had supported Akhilesh, Shivpal would have torn the party apart and most MLAs would have gone with him. That is why Mulayam stayed with Shivpal, but allowed his party leaders to back Akhilesh. At the same time, he never tried for Shivpal’s re-entry into the Government. The message is loud and clear: Today, the entire party is standing behind Akhilesh.
khilesh is getting massive support not only from his party and family but also from outside. Of the 19 Rajya Sabha MPs of the Samajwadi Party, 16 are backing him, and four Lok Sabha MPs of the total five are in his favour. Of the 229 MLAs of the party, 207 are openly supporting Akhilesh. Apart from this, most of the family members stand behind him. In the same manner, almost all leaders of anti-BJP parties are supporting Akhilesh.
The Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee, has extended her support to him, saying her party is with ‘young’ Akhilesh. The Congress has also openly supported her. The party made it clear that it will support Akhilesh if need arises to prove majority.
Like the Congress, Ajit Singh’s party, the RLD, has also announced its support for the Akhilesh Government. Both parties have 35 MLAs. Announcement of support from these parties also pushed the Samajwadi Party MLAs to go along with the UP Chief Minister.
The Chief Minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar, hasn’t said anything yet, but his party leaders are saying that the JDU wants an alliance with Akhilesh in UP. The son-in-law of Lalu Prasad Yadav and MP of Mainpuri, Tej Pratap Singh Yadav, has also openly supported Akhilesh. This proves that Lalu is also supporting Akhilesh. The Left parties also don’t have any problem in standing behind him.
The agenda is being prepared for the meeting of the CWC scheduled for January 11. Sources say that the issue of promotion of Rahul Gandhi might be discussed this time. But the greatest suspense is over the participation of Sonia Gandhi. She was not present in the last CWC meet, and Rahul had chaired it.
Sources say Sonia was supposed to participate in the meeting which was held on November 7. A chair had also been put for her, but at the last hour, she cancelled and Rahul was told to preside over the meeting. So this time, many things will depend on whether Sonia attends the meeting or not.
A young leader of Rahul’s team says that if the CWC has to discuss Rahul’s promotion, then Sonia will have to be present. If she is not able to attend, then Rahul will have to preside over the meeting, and if this happens, how will he talk about the proposal of his own promotion? However, the core team of the Congress president is preparing a strategy for this and probably this time a decision will be made.
Recently, the Supreme Court gave an important verdict that no party will appeal for vote on the basis of caste, religion, race, or language. This has been termed as a corrupt practice to appeal for votes. Leaders of many parties are worried after this decision. They are waiting for the detailed analysis of the verdict, so that they can understand the impact it will have.
Though no national party has any religion, caste, creed, or region in its name, many regional parties can face problems. For example, the name of Asaduddin Owaisi’s party is All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen. It bears the word ‘Muslim’. Any party can challenge this in court. This must be noted that Owaisi’s party is gearing up to fight the BMC elections and the UP Assembly Elections.
Many other parties are also worried. The Shiv Sena is an alliance partner of the BJP, and the word ‘Shiv’ has been taken from ‘Shivaji’, but this is also the name of a Hindu God. This might also be challenged. The ruling party of Andhra Pradesh, the TDP, can also land in problems as ‘Telugu’ is a word for a language as well as a region. Its opponents might raise questions over it. Dravidian parties’ names also have ‘objectionable’ words, as do parties from Jharkhand. Leaders of the Muslim League in Kerala would also be worried.
Many new fronts are opening for confrontation between the Central Government and the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court collegium had sent the names of 13 judges for the Allahabad High Court for the second time, but the Government returned that list too. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court gave its decision on various ordinances and this could also be a cause for confrontation.
The Supreme Court has said that if the Government issues an ordinance for the second time, it will be a betrayal of the Constitution. The present Government has issued the same ordinance for many times. The ordinance brought for the Land Acquisition Act was issued four times because the Government was not able to reach consensus with the Opposition parties. At last, the Government had to take the amendment Bill back.
In the same manner, recently the Government had sent the Enemy Property Ordinance to the President for the fifth times. President Pranab Mukherjee has given his consent on this, but asked what was the compulsion to send it for the fifth time. In fact, the Government is not able to make consensus on that too.
So, after the President, now the Supreme Court has raised questions over the ordinances. Now, the Government will certainly think over reissuance of any ordinance. It will have to get the Bill on demonetisation passed in the next Parliament Session as an ordinance is there, otherwise the matter might reach the Supreme Court.

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