Dangerous trend

The brainwashed people in Kashmir valley have now resorted to entice gullible youth to join militant outfits at different cadres, only after snatching weapons from the security forces.
The overt brandishing of such videos on the social sites is not only encouraging such elements and is dangerous for the society, but is also giving vent to the already ‘isolated feeling’ of the Kashmiris.
The trend which was started by the Hizbul Commander and so called poster boy Burhan Wani has now been adopted by other cadres. In one of the recent videos released by the successor of Burhan Wani, Zakir Rashid Bhat is openly asking youth in Kashmir to join his so called movement against India. He can be even seen enticing youth to indulge in violence by snatching weapons from the security forces.
The trend is dangerous, as unemployed youth of valley is already feeling alienated and isolated from the nation and this trend adds to their miseries, forcing them to deviate from right path.
Such videos and statements from young militant have the tendency to brainwash the young minds, who are already facing revulsion of unemployment, violence and constant threats.
Asking young people to snatch weapons from security forces show that the militants are exploiting emotional susceptibilities at a time, when most of the youths are frustrated by being caged for over 100 days due to prevailing unrest.
The government and its agencies have to give befitting reply to these video broadcasters, by which they are only creating hatred among Kashmiri youth against Indian rule. One cannot expect that a young man is preaching fellow youth to snatch weapons from the security forces, thus risking his life for nothing. These videos are circulated only for the purpose of defaming the security forces. Its evident that security forces will react to the assault of the youth aiming to snatch weapons, which will certainly cause damage to either side, without overdoing the fact that both the individuals are from the same place, having same history, tradition and culture.
The militants in their new video have also requested the Kashmiri Pandits to return back to their homes, which makes it evident that they are trying to show the international forum that they are peace loving people with secular mindset.
The responsibility of the government has increased manifold. Killing and detaining youth is not the solution. A proper counseling is needed to hold youth from getting astray. The government must reach out to the families, especially in rural areas and aware them about repercussions of following this route. The youth must be taken into confidence and instead of making hero out of nothing. Proper surveillance must be kept on social sites and those inciting any kind of violence shall be dealt seriously.

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