Daughters talk about bridging regional trust deficit

From bridging the gap between Jammu region and the Kashmir Valley to improving the lives of many, especially women across the state, are some of the biggest challenges before the newly elected Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti according to her daughters, Iritiqa Mufti and Sanna Mufti.

“The biggest challenge before her right now is the state of affairs as it exists and to improve things. She has also to fill the gap between two regions,” said Iritiqa, when asked to the challenges facing her mother after assuming office.

“I feel being a woman there is so much you can understand. Because of the turmoil, condition of women in the state has worsened further and you see them in far flung areas suffering so much,” she said.

Describing the swearing-in of her mother as a historic moment for the state, Iritiqa said that she expects Mehbooba to make everyone proud by fulfilling the promises made to the people. Sanna, however, said there is nothing new in a woman becoming a chief minister as we have seen Jayalalithaa and Mayawati come to power before.

Sanna added that the people of J&K have lot of expectations from Mufti and hoped that she still spends some time with them at home. She described the biggest challenge before her mother would be “to keep everybody together like my grandfather (Mufti Sayeed) used to say that this government is to coming together of North Pole and South Pole”.

“She needs to bridge that gap,” she said in reference to the Jammu region and the Valley.

When asked whether she too would be joining politics to serve people of the state, Sanna said: “I do not think that I have to be in politics if I have to make a change. I can be a doctor and still help my society and all….and still help Kashmir so. Why be just part of politics you can be part of any profession and still can make a change.”



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