DB directs State Govt to be prepared to deal with situation during Earthquake in J&K, if hits region

Jammu Tawi, April 14
In a Public Interest Litigation filed by Kirpal Chand seeking direction to state to constitute a committee under the chairmanship of Chief Secretary with members of concerned fields to review the preparedness of the state Government with regard to the earth quake and to carry out all the process. A Division Bench of State High Court Comprising Chief Justice Baddar Durez Ahmed and Justice Alok Aradhe after hearing Adv Munish Sharma appearing for the PIL whereas Advocate General Jehangir Iqbal Ganai for the state whereas ASGI Sindu Sharma for the Union of India observed that this is an important issue pertaining to the likelihood of a major earthquake hitting the entire Jammu and Kashmir region falls under either Seismic Zone-IV or V, which indicate a high propensity of earthquakes. It is, therefore, imperative for the State to be prepared to deal with a situation when such an earthquake, God forbid, hits the region.
Division Bench response from respondents that whether there is a Disaster Management Plan proposed by the State Government and if so, the details thereof and whether there is any Plan of Action with regard to making buildings in the region complied with the National Building Code for Seismic zones IV and V and directed Union of India may furnish a copy of the National Building Code specifically for Seismic zones IV & V.
During the course of hearing Adv Muinsh Sharma submitted that some days back new have appeared in the press that our state has become vulnerable to earthquake of abnormal magnitude and may cause huge loss to life and property and this news has cause lot of concern to all the residents of the state of Jammu and Kashmir and earthquakes are one of the worst natural disasters which have caused destruction of human life and property in the history of mankind. Their gravity is further compounded as their occurrence is unpredictable and with all the advancement in science, we are still groping in the darkness regarding the time of their occurrence. Earthquake do occur either due to volaconic eruptions or they occur due to the movements of plates of crust of the earth. The plates of the Earth are in constant motion, sliding past one another and bumping into each other. These tectonic plate boundaries are made up of many faults and most of the earthquakes occur on these faults. Since the edges of the plates keeps moving, finally, when the plate has moved for enough, the edges unstrick on one of the faults and there is an earthquake. keeping in view the vulnerability to earth quakes, out country is divided into four zones. Accordingly Disaster and Hazard profile of J&K, Drawn by department of Ecology Environment and Remote sensing Govt of J&K, our state falls in the most vulnerable zones, Zone-IV and Zone-V. The Kashmir valley falls more or less in Zone-V and Ladakh region and Jammu region fall in zone-IV. JNF

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