DBPS celebrates Parshuram Jayanti

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Jammu Tawi, April 28
To celebrate Bhagwan Parshuram Jayanti, Dogra Brahman Pratinidhi Sabh (DBPS) Parade Jammu on Friday performed Gaytri Mantra by putting on Yagyopaveet strictly according to vedic. Around 218 youth participated in it. During the performance, Vedic Mantras chanted by all for peace and prosperity in the world. Besides this prayers for offered to Bhagwan Parshu Ram Ji by all to save the country from natural climates. Pawan Shastri and Dr. Surinder Shastri who were also present on the occasion. The function was attended by a large number of people from various walk of like Yagya/Hawan were also performed as part of ceremony.

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