Death-sentence deterrent against crimes

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It refers to a private resolution moved in Rajya Sabha on 06.05.2016 for abolition of death-penalty. Only some months ago Madras High Court had rightly observed barbaric models of punishment against barbaric crimes. It is very necessary to develop a fear-psychology amongst criminal-minded persons as a deterrent against wrong-doing.

Unfortunately in our country even if death-penalty is there for some heinous crimes like for ‘rarest of rare’ kind of murders, murders have become a routine feature in society because of dilution of death-penalty through regular interventions including even rare late-night sitting of the Apex Court even after rejection of mercy-petitions.

Once death-penalty is strictly enforced, much-much more lives will be saved than lost due to hangings because of creating a much needed fear-psychology against crimes attracting death-penalty. Strict-most measures must be taken like to decide mercy-petitions in a time-bound period followed by time-bound execution with no provision to approach courts after rejection of mercy-petitions.

Cases attracting death-penalty must be disposed of fast crossing all legal-channels till Supreme Court and mercy-petition, must be finally disposed of within say three years with execution if ordered done within one week of rejection of any mercy-petition.





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