Declare Oct 27 as state holiday: Harsh

Flaying the successive State governments for undermining and downplaying the significance of Accession Day, Harsh Dev Singh Chairman JKNPP and Former Minister has sought declaration of October 27 as holiday with its due observance as a State function. He said that Maharaja Hari Singh, the competent authority signed the Instrument of Accession on 26th Oct 1947 which was accepted by Lord Mountbatten on behalf of Indian Government on October 27, 1947 thus completing the process of Accession and making J&K State an integral part of India. He was addressing media persons in Jammu today.
Addressing the Press Conference, Harsh Dev Singh pointed out that Accession of the State with Indian Union on 27th October gave legal and constitutional right to the State subjects of J&K to claim themselves as proud Indians. He however regretted that despite 27th Oct being most significant day in the history of the State, it was not being celebrated officially by the Government. Seeking the observance of October 27 as a State festival, he further sought declaration of Oct 27 as a State holiday.
Harsh Dev Singh divulged that Panthers Party had been celebrating ‘Accession Day’ in Jammu since the time of the inception but this time it had taken out series of District Wise rallies to celebrate Accession Week which started on 17th October from District Poonch. He said that the final rally shall be taken-out on October 27th in Jammu with national fervour and gaiety.
Singh further maintained that the rallies had been receiving a colossal support from the people from all sects which had showcased the fact that the majority of people of the State were hard core nationalists who always endorsed the State’s Accession with the Country. He hailed the Accession as a symbol of Nationalism and appealed the people to celebrate the revered day like any other National day vis a vis 26th Jan and 15th Aug.

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