Deepika Padukone’s Diwali celebration with her family is not for the WEAK-HEARTED

Deepika Padukone seems to be doing a lot of commercials with her family. When you have a Badminton great as your father like Prakash Padukone, your family is no less tarry. Recently, she was seen with her father in a wall paint ad adding colour to his achievements and also did a mother-daughter ad for a jewellery brand.

This one is for the latter again and has Diwali as the premise. But it could turn weepy-ly fatal for people who are staying away from their families this festive season. Her mundane Diwali celebration routine in this video will bring tears to your eyes unless you are a cold-hearted person!

The video has Deepika waking up to the sound of bursting crackers and her mom thrusting house cleaning work on her. It shows shots of what her family does during Diwali, from Padukone Sr.’s proud smile looking at his ordinary Rangoli to her mother’s interest in making laddoos. But towards the end, they all come together for a night, reserved just for the family. But we wonder why is her younger sister missing from the video. Wasn’t she enthused about a family video?

Coming to the video, we bet it will make you miss your family, your Diwali memories and especially your MOTHER! There is nothing in this world that can replace her love and preparation for this day.


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